The Pro-Limited Slip Differential is made with larger internal gears specifically for use with our 28 spline Pro-Level axles and intermediate bar. Designed to withstand the demands of the highest horsepower FWD drag race applications and tested in some of the fastest Hondas to date, while providing the driveability that simply cannot be achieved with a spool. Put the power to both wheels while still being able to turn around at the end of the track and get the car on the trailer without disconnecting axles or having someone help you turn the wheel, only with the DSS Pro-LSD.

Weight12 lbs
Dimensions12 x 12 x 4 in
AcuraIntegra GS-R1994-20011.8L B18C
AcuraIntegra LS/GS/SE1994-20011.8L B18 (Non-VTEC)
AcuraIntegra LS/GS/SE1994-20011.8L B18C (VTEC)
AcuraIntegra Type R1997-20011.8L B18C5
HondaCivic1992-20001.8L B16
HondaCivic1992-20001.8L B18
HondaCivic Si1999-20001.6L B16
HondaCivic Si1999-20001.8L B18
Hondadel Sol1992-19971.6L B16